It’s a common practice that old boys and girls of the Institution come together to network.  The networking may involve supporting activities of the Institution or to give feedback to Institution on curriculum. The network may also involve securing jobs and other benefits for the existing members in the Institution. The Makerere University Business School (MUBS) Alumni started in December, 2003 when the first Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held.

The MUBS Alumni Association’s mission is tobring together as a family all MUBS Alumni”.

The Alumni Association endeavors to foster a mutually beneficial relationship between MUBS and the members by building a network of friends and supporters.


  • To develop and maintain a relationship with Alumni , students and MUBS as a whole, support and encourage these groups in their endeavors and extend a hand of fellowship, through financial, material support and otherwise
  • To foster networking and communication among Alumni, students, staff and administration, through re-unions, business and social functions, research programs, projects, newsletters, publications, jobs and career development activities
  • To maintain close cooperation and fellowship among Alumni
  • To support and encourage networking and career development for Alumni and students
  • To promote interest of/in MUBS
  • To provide an Alumni presence at MUBS events
  • To build and maintain links between the members and MUBS by maintaining reliable and up-to-date databases
  • To offer a range of benefits and services available to all the members
  • To encourage members to maintain links with faculties, departments, current students and staff
  • To promote MUBS in Uganda and overseas and encourage the formation of faculty, regional and overseas branches of the Association
  • To build and maintain links with members who are in position to assist other members in respect of employment, placements, work experience, sponsorship, and/or any other relevant assistance/advice
  • To work with MUBS in respect of employment and business opportunities, sponsorship , use of venues and in any other appropriate way to benefit the Association and MUBS
  • To support fundraising for MUBS, whether to benefit general funds or specific projects
  • To encourage members to attend postgraduate and/or continuous professional development courses
  • To promote and seek to expand MUBS programs or events and other MUBS initiatives and endeavoring to raise the MUBS profile
  •  Vision

A world class Network that supports MUBS growth

  • Mission

Enable mutual benefit relationship between past and present members of MUBS and MUBS itself

  • Strategic Goal

Build a strong Alumni network that supports MUBS activities

  • Values
  • Professionalism
  • Powerful network
  • Empathy
  • Cooperation
  • The love for MUBS

Got a suggestion?

The MUBS Alumni Association is always looking for ways to help keep the Alumni connected to the School and each other. The Association continues to work with different stakeholders to provide you with the service that you need, and additionally the Alumni office is exploring other ways in which Alumni can better connect to each other and the school. Please email the Alumni helpdesk on for any updates or additions. We look forward to hearing/reading from you.